This is where it really happens! The children are encouraged to spend lots of time outside. Any time from February onwards the garden doors are open and they can come and go as they please. During the summer they do not go in the sun between 11 and 3 but throughout the year will have at least a  couple of hours playing in the garden every day, unless the weather is really atrocious. I have fleece-lined all-in-one rainsuits in a variety of sizes as well as boots so that children can be warm and dry but still take pleasure in being outside. Snow and puddles are just as good as sunny weather!

Some of the outdoor activities we enjoy are:

  • Building castles in the sandpit
  • Chalkboard and chalks – children enjoy making marks and drawing as soon as they can hold a piece of chalk.
  • Waterplay – buckets, plastic bottles, cups, watering cans, sprinkler, hose, babybath
  • Gardening – digging, planting, raking, learning to identify weeds from flowers and plants, growing some of our own food
  • Garden games – balls, hoops, quoits
  • Rides in the wheelbarrow
  • Constructing and playing in tents
  • Tricycles
  • Picnics at lunch and snack time
  • Building their own creations with wood and string

We also go to the park or playground once or twice a week which is a good opportunity for them to meet and play alongside other children and improve their physical confidence on the equipment. There will be the occasional trip to a local shop to buy ingredients for cooking or a picnic so that children begin to understand the chain that food goes through.


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