I have a wide variety of toys for the children to play with (Duplo, dolls, cars etc) but the focus of much of a typical day will be on activities such as:

  • Books and stories – we have at least one session of storytime every day and I encourage the children to make up stories or to use books to tell the stories back to me and to each other.
  • Imaginative play – using dolls, animals and hand-puppets for role-play and other games
  • Crayoning and drawing – these are not only fun but really help develop the fine motor skills necessary for school.
  • Play-Doh and modelling, using hands, cutters and tools to shape the modelling clay – again these are useful fine motor development activities as well as imaginative ones.
  • Dressing-up – I have a large box of dressing-up clothes, including lots of hats, bags and other items that even small children can put on themselves.
  • Cutting-and-pasting, including fabric, pasta etc – children love making collages and pictures with a variety of objects
  • Painting – I encourage the children to use fingers and objects to paint with as well as brushes.
  • Music – the children have their own instruments (bells, rattles, shakers etc) and we do a lot of singing. This includes traditional nursery rhymes, action songs (like The Wheels On The Bus) and singalong songs like Do-Re-Mi from The Sound of Music.
  • Cookery – there will be at least one cooking session in the kitchen per week. Children can measure out ingredients, stir and knead, then have the pleasure of eating their own creations! We frequently make shaped biscuits that they can use a wide range of cutters to make.

We do not have a TV licence and do not receive broadcast TV so there is no TV.


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