I used to be a chef and believe strongly in providing a healthy, balanced diet for the children – good diet is important not only for growth and development but also for behaviour. A sample day’s menu is below – this varies every day.

Snack            9.00am         Toast and homemade jam

Lunch           11.30am         Homemade fishcakes with broccoli, banana cake

Snack            3.00pm         Fruit and yogurt

Supper           5.30pm         Macaroni and cheese with tomato, apple crumble

The children eat as little processed food as possible and never have shop-bought cakes or biscuits. Junk food (eg crisps) is never served, drinks are milk or water, never fruit juice, fizzy drinks or squash.

I also believe in teaching children about healthy eating and healthy choices from a young age and encouraging them to get involved with the cooking as much as possible (depending on age). Even toddlers can learn to tip ingredients into a mixing bowl to make biscuits, as well as cut them out (and of course there’s the very important spoon-licking skill to be learned as well…).


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