About Fresh Air Kids

Fresh Air Kids is my childminding service in East Oxford. I believe that the first years of a child’s life are for exploring the world, and preferably coming home with much of it plastered to your knees! I call my service Fresh Air Kids because it’s my firm belief that children do best with as much fresh air as possible (see the Outside page for more information). Mess and experimentation with mud, paint, sand, chalk, food, water and modelling clay are all positively encouraged!

Ofsted rank me as Good and my report is here.

About me

I have three children myself as well as many years’ experience working with children in a variety of settings. I have been a nanny, an au pair and a housekeeper and worked in France, in America and in the Mediterranean as well as the UK, looking after children from six months up to teenage years.

As a provider of the Early Years Foundation Stage I also teach the children in my care as much as is age-appropriate about dealing with the world. Examples of this would be:

  • Learning to cross the road safely at crossings
  • Learning to dress and undress themselves
  • Good manners, including politeness (pleases and thank-yous) and taking turns on toys

But above all, my goal is to ensure that the children I look after are happy, safe, well-fed, and tired out at the end of the day – ready to begin all over again tomorrow!

Comments from parents of children I have cared for:

It is such a relief to see him happy to get there in the morning, looking for Carolyn’s children and for his favourite toys.

He has grown more independent, is learning new things every week and is always really lively and happy which shows how much he likes it there.

It is impossible to say how grateful I am for the attention you have given to [my son]. You have helped him to grow and taught him so much.

I never worried about him during the day, I always knew he was enjoying himself and receiving affection.

We were impressed by Carolyn’s professionalism, high standard of care, and shared ideals such as creating a nurturing environment and providing a balanced nutritional diet

Comments from my Ofsted report:

The children follow a firm routine to build on their security and they
become settled and relaxed in the childminder’s care. Minded children play safely and considerately, aware of what is expected, and they fit in like part of the family.

The parents receive daily information about what their children do and have access to development records to keep in touch with progress.

The children show growing confidence and pleasure in attending the setting, welcoming input from the childminder and the chance to play with other children. They climb on her lap for a cuddle as they play and grin widely throughout the day to show pleasure in what they do.


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